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The Single & Mighty Elite is a proposed initiative that seeks to provide a supportive and encouraging community for mature members in church including single parents, divorced folks, widows/widowers and never been married folks who are above 35 years of age. The fellowship is a faith-based program aimed at bringing together single adults from all walks of life, to connect, share their experiences, and grow in their personal and spiritual lives.

In recent years, the number of mature singles has been increasing globally, and this has led to a growing need for a community where they find support, love and encouragement. They often feel isolated and struggle with loneliness, depression, anxiety and many other negative factors which can lead to mental health issues and affect their overall quality of life. In response to this growing need, the single and mighty elite fellowship seeks to provide a space where mature singles can feel seen, find emotional and spiritual support, connect with like minds, build relationships, find connections, find friendships, potentially find love and just over all growth.

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